Pod of Destiny – EP047 – Our Trip to Luke Ski Con 2013
Oct 25th, 2013 by BlastedBill

Hot2Me and Moonbeam went to Luke Ski Con 2013. We were asked to be a part of the Pod Cast Round up, where several folks with pod casts got up and did a 10 minute version of this podcast live. The 1st 10 minutes of this ep is the audio from that. The last part is a recording I did with Kornflake, Insane Ian, and several other folks at dinner on Sunday.

Pod of Destiny – EP046 – Our Stairwell Party at Penguicon 2013
Sep 16th, 2013 by BlastedBill

MoonbeamAt the Stairwells for Penguicon sat a large space filled with left over furniture. Moonbeam and I saw it and it screamed to us to have a recording there. We sat and interviewed random passers by. We started with Karen, Missy,  and Alex. We were joined at various times by Little Nate, Tomak, Jeremy, Blake, Charlie, Bahb, Selina, Jessica, and  April. Our PI list for this episode was top PI experiences with a pen.

Pod of Destiny – EP045 – Bill’s Trip to Marscon 2013 – Flop of Destiny part 2
Sep 9th, 2013 by BlastedBill

Here is the continuation of the Marscon fun had with the Flopcast crew!

Pod of Destiny – EP044 – Bill’s Trip to Marscon 2013 – Flop of Destiny part 1
Sep 2nd, 2013 by BlastedBill

Blasted Bill went to Marscon and joined the Flopcast crew Kevin and Kornflake for dinner on Saturday night. We were also joined by friend of Kornflake, Doornail. We talked for such a long time that I am breaking this in to 2 parts. This is part 1. Here is the link to Luke’s Fumpet video that we talked about…

Pod of Destiny – EP043 – Our Trip to Epic Confusion
Feb 25th, 2013 by BlastedBill

epicOn Sunday of Confusion, Moonbeam and I sat down and did a podcast. Then we realized the recorder wasn’t on, so we did another podcast. We recorded in the Atrium of the hotel, so had lots of random guests. Here are a few of them in order of appearance…

Matt Duhan

We also started a new segment where we list of our top 3.14 of something. A Segment we completely stole from the Flopcast. Sorry guys, was to good not to steal.

Pod of Destiny – EP042 – Our Shopping Trip for the New Year’s Eve Party
Feb 18th, 2013 by BlastedBill

406040_1670125280074_860481458_n Only a month and a half late with this one. I’m getting better. Actually, the problem was this was one of the worst to edit ones ever. The new recorder worked great but I had the volume set to auto adjust and it was constently to quite. I had to manually set all the levels thourgh out, so sorry that the levels change often. Mostly they are normalized. This has been fixed on recordings done after this one. Any how, but this a Moonbeam and Bill only show. We went shopping for the New Year’s eve party we were having. Went to Whole Foods and Meijers and talked mostly about Christmas stuff. More comming soon. Enjoy!

Pod of Destiny – EP041 – Our 2012 Trip to Bonfire
Dec 16th, 2012 by BlastedBill

campconThis is our Bonfire 2012 podcast. Well part of it. We recorded a full episode but the new app we used cut our almost 3/4ths of it. So we only have random bits of the podcast. It skips around alot missing lots of content. I added lots of other bits to fill the episode out a bit, but it’s still one of our shortest. Appearing on this episode is Bill, Missy, Moonbeam, Franky, Bahb, Karen, and other random voices in the back ground. Stay tune as for more podcast that are hopefully far better in the near future.

Pod of Destiny – EP040 – Our Trip to Epic Confusion, Voicemail Edition
Dec 8th, 2012 by BlastedBill

Once again we opened the Pod of Destiny’s voicemail(424-242-2729) up to the general Confusion 2012 population. Here is all the voicemail’s we got over that weekend edited all together. Most of them are me checking in from time to time. Enjoy!

Pod Of Destiny – EP039 – Pod of Rapport EP03 – Carrie and Josh’s visit to i3 and Surprise
Dec 1st, 2012 by BlastedBill

 Carrie and Josh came to Michigan and I took them to visit i3 Detroit(the hacker space I belong to). Then there were surprises galore.  This episode was recorded in September of 2011.

Pod Of Destiny – EP038 – Our Trip to Tony(AKA Monasty’s) wedding
Nov 24th, 2012 by BlastedBill

This was recorded in Aug of 2011(to date the episode that had the longest time between recording and putting it up). We went to the wedding of Monasty and Tessa up in Rose City(the middle of no where). We had intended to finish the episode, but never did. So this is like a half episode.

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