Luke & Moonbeam and Carrie & Blasted Bill’s – Bad Pod Rapport of Destiny – Ep002 – Sunday Night of Marscon
April 13th, 2010 by BlastedBill

BRPODMarsCon2010Sunday night of Marscon, dead tired from all the fun, Luke, and Moonbeam, and Carrie, and Blasted Bill recorded another joint podcast. This one we are putting up the same file in both places as we were far to tired to record a very long podcast.

In attendance in the “studio audience” was Davroz, Nate Boi, Breakman Z, Brenda(of Nuclear Bubble Wrap), JayeKitty, and Chris Mezzolesta.

Find Bad Rapport at

Moonbeam’s pick of the week

Update about new EP’s of the Pod of Destiny: My computer got hit with a MAJOR malware infection, AGAIN. I had to reload windows completely. New ep is ready to go and I will post it later this week, as well as a hidden surprise every one needs to look for.

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  • the great Luke Ski writes:
    April 20th, 20104:00 pmat

    For the record, I enjoy Moonbeam’s big boobs as well. – Luke

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