Bad Pod Rapport Of Destiny – Our Trip to Chili’s in Chicago
January 11th, 2010 by BlastedBill

LukeMoonbeamCarrieBillweb2sm on New Year’s day, Moonbeam and Blasted Bill meet up with Luke and Carrie of Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport and we recorded the 1st episode of Luke & Moonbeam and Carrie & Blasted Bill’s Bad Pod Rapport of Destiny. Part one is on our Podcast and Part two is on Luke and Carrie’s podcast. So to listen to part two you will have to go to….

and listen to it there. We combine features from there show and features of our show. Also in the audience was Mr. Tuesday, Bahb, Ken, Kiki, Josh, Sara, Kristi, and Alchav. We meet up at Chili’s just before we all went to see Avatar. Enjoy!

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  • the great Luke Ski writes:
    January 13th, 20103:01 amat

    Wow, no one is commenting here either? Weird. I have a great time, let’s do it again sometime! 😀

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