Pod of Destiny EP010 – Our Epic tale
January 8th, 2010 by BlastedBill

We wanted to do a very special episode for our 10th show. So we did a video podcast. If you have trouble viewing it from the stream, try the youtube link…

We spent ALOT of time making this episode awesome. I think it was worth the wait and we hope you enjoy it. Thanks to every one who helped make it possible. I’ll end the show notes here and let the video speak for it’s self. Please give us feed back on what you loved about it!!!


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  • Carrie Dahlby writes:
    January 10th, 201010:46 pmat

    I love that the video screen READ MY MIND during the end stinger bit. That totally broke me. Luke and Carrie’s Bad Rapport will never top this, unless we have our own Dan. Which we have not. Dan, you rule! (Moonbeam and Bill are okay too.) 😀

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