Pod of Destiny – EP006 – Out trip to see Patton Oswalt
November 5th, 2009 by admin

After my 3rd computer crash(all hardware, not Windows fault ppl) in as many weeks, I’m finally back up and have EP 6 up. In this EP Moonbeam and I go see Patton Oswalt and are joined by Dan, Lauren, Steve, and Tony(MoNasty). This is actually the shortest EP we’ve done even though it was the EP with the most of recorded material. But that’s because the recordings at the restaurant were TOTALLY stepped on by back ground noise and I couldn’t remove it. I only kept in the important bits. Lots of funny stuff was missed, but you’ll just have to come hand out with us some time to get the full experience. Also, this is the EP were I review Luke and Carrie’s new podcast, the Bad Rapport.

Web sites mentioned on the show and some that should have been.

Moonbeam’s pick of the week..
Bonus pick of the week..

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