Pod of Destiny – Ep004 – Moonbeam’s trip to Wilton Candy Kitchen in Iowa with Megan
October 16th, 2009 by admin

Moonbeam and Dan took a trip out to Iowa to visit Moonbeams sister Megan and Megan’s husband Ben their new baby Jingles(the Pumpkin Pope). While out there they took the recorder, and recorded an Episode on the way to and at the famous Wilton Candy Kitchen. They don’t have an offical web site, but here is the best profile I have found on it.

Moonbeams website of the week was…

This episode was VERY late, because my main computer crashed and my laptop won’t edit it. We will have a GLUT of episodes in October because we are recording like mad dogs. I will try to put ep 5 up on Tuesday or Wednesday, and 6 on Friday. We will still have one recorded and unpublished show next Friday though while we record ep8 at the State Theater Rocky. WHEEEEE.

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