Pod of Destiny – EP003 – Our Trip to Costco
October 3rd, 2009 by admin

Blasted Bill and Moonbeam took a trip to Costco this time, because Moonbeam had coupons. I’m very sorry this one is so late, we recorded it last Sunday and I had it largely edited when my power went out and I didn’t have any of the edits saved. So I had to start over. Also, the sound quality on this one is REALLY bad. We were in a lot of different places with different background noises and it was hard to get rid of them. I did my best, but there’s only so much I can do. Here are some links we mentioned in the show and links to places we went to …

Also, I Moonbeam got Boot Al Weird Leg’s drawn up and I scanned it in and did some different things with it. Take a look..

Black and White
In an old west gun fight

Draw your version and send it in!

As hinted on in this show, next week we should have a very special show for you all!!

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