Pod Of Destiny – EP037 – Blasted Bill’s 37th B-day party. He’s 37, he’s not old
July 11th, 2012 by BlastedBill

That right folks. I’ve finally posted a new podcast!!! Only took me 9 months. I figured I’d better post this before the podcast we recorded was a year old. Sorry for the long delay, lots of events in my life and Moonbeam’s. So here is a recording from my birthday party last year. In attendance was me, Moonbeam, Ferris, Dan, Karen, Chris, Conner, Mia, Susan, Ken, Mr. J, Mattawan, and Ann Marie, and prolly several others I can’t remember. It was my 37th b-day, so we had a Monty Python theme. If you don’t get the reason, the go rewatch holy grail. Most every one dressed up as a Monty Python character, and it was lots of fun. Moonbeam made me an awesome cake and we even called Carrie at one point. YAY. More episodes to come! Enjoy

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