Pod of Destiny – EP036 – Moonbeam and Ferris’ trip to see Megan in Iowa
November 28th, 2011 by BlastedBill

I think that this is the longest we have gone between updates to the podcast. Part of the problem is my general level of busy-ness and part of it was this EP was on Pegasus, who decided to take a vacation in the same dimensional pocket in my over night bag that Steve found last year. He finally popped back out a few weeks ago just as I was about to just skip this EP and move to the next one. I didn’t want to as we have already lost one of the Megan and Moonbeam episodes and I didn’t want to lose another. So Moonbeam and Ferris went out toIowato visit Megan in the summer and they recorded this podcast. Megan’s husband Ben shows up for a short time on this EP too. Enjoy and I promise the next one won’t take as long. I’m already working on it.

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