Pod Of Destiny – EP033 – Our Trip to See Back to the Future
June 20th, 2011 by BlastedBill

This is a REALLY short EP. Moonbeam showed up to the showing of Back to the Future when I thought she wasn’t coming. I didn’t have Pegasus, we we left a voicemail on our call in line. It doesn’t sound any good, but it’s short. Also there but not really heard were Colleen, Keith, Matt, and Juile.  After the “episode” I throw in a Mad Libs we recorded Sunday night of Marscon featuring Bill, BMZ, Davroz, and Emi. There could have been more in the room, but those are the ones I know are on the recording. Then there’s a voicemail Moonbeam left of a Mad Libs she did while we were at Marscon. Real EP’s coming soon.

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  • Capt Nova writes:
    June 21st, 20119:17 amat

    I would like to suggest that your podcast have more cowbell.

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