Pod of Destiny – EP 20 – Pod of Rapport EP 1- Our trip around the farm on a Gator
August 22nd, 2010 by BlastedBill

So here is why the next EP is so late, we were trying to recover it off Megan’s recorder. Megan and Moonbeam recorded a show on a trip to see Weird Al. Megan used her recording device and it got corrupted and we were unable to restore it. So it will be our lost EP. Perhaps Brocely Bill and Sunbeam got to it.

So we skip a head to EP 20. Moonbeam was quite exhusted at both the Al concert and at the bonfire due to spending tons of energy making new life. So Carrie and I decided on a whim to do a EP with the 2 of us. I wanted to call it “Bad Destiny” or “Rapport of Destiny, but Carrie used here Royal Carrie voice and called it “Pod of Rapport.” As I mentioned, we were at a bonfire at my house. It was recorded on the 4th of July and we took a trip around the farm in the dark on a Gator. A Gator is like golf cart but a bit beefier and with a loud gas engine. I hope you enjoy it!

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