Pod of Destiny – EP018 – Our Trip to To Much Light Makes W00tstock go WHEEEE
July 9th, 2010 by BlastedBill

Location: The Neo-Futurium(’s
Destination: To Much Light Makes the Baby go Blind/W00tstock
Guests: Ann Marie, Matt(awan), Dan, Ken, Poohbear, Marge, Mr. Tuesday, Luke Ski, Kiki
Real website Pick of the week:

The show started at To Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind and we never ended it. Then the next day in Line at W00tstock when we were going to record ep 19, it POURED.  So we finished 18 at the post W00tsock Denny’s trip.

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  • Carrie Dahlby writes:
    July 19th, 201011:20 pmat

    Wheeeeee! I always love listening to a new episode of the POD.

    My favorite part was the big portion at the end when you were at the restaurant with Luke. This is partially because the sound was better, partially because Luke was there, and partially because as a group you’d occasionally spontaneously break out into song.

    The comment that I found odd (I mean, I thought it was funny how it was worded) was when Moonbeam says she “doesn’t believe in having only children”. I’m wondering if this either means that Josh and I don’t exist, or that we each have at least one secret sibling out there in the world somewhere. 🙂 That would be coooooool…. We could go on a hunt for our secret siblings, and help the other so-called only children of the world find their secret siblings!

    So, the M&M episode is next, and after that is “Bill and Carrie’s Pod of Rapport: Episode 1”? Do I have that correct? Wheeeeeeeee indeed!!!

    Lotsa love,

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