Pod of Destiny – EP061 – Our Trip to Get a Washer and Dryer
Apr 20th, 2018 by BlastedBill

Join Bill, Moonbeam, and Narf as they drive to pick up a washer and dryer. The excitement! Bill recommends the Ridiculous 6

Pod of Destiny – EP060 – Bad Flop of Destiny at Fumpfest 2015
Apr 9th, 2018 by BlastedBill

This is our second Fumpfest 2015 Episode. 1st up we went to Too much light makes the baby go blind on Friday night of Fumpfest with Break Man Z, Megan, and Flopcast’s Kevin and Kornflake! The next day after much Fumping, we sat around talking about TV shows with Luke, Sara, Ian, Mike, Kevin, and Emi. We talked about the release of our second video episode. Then we finally got to find out what Kornflake needed Padlocks and lily pads for as she presented Padlock-a-gami. We then supertaster tested Kevin and Kornflake.

Recommends for this episode is TV Show Tracker and Movie Ghost Graduation.


Pod of Destiny – EP059 – Our Trip to Fumpfest 2015
Aug 3rd, 2017 by BlastedBill

Moobeam and Bill recorded this podcast on their way to Fumpfest 2015. Moonbeam was able to go because Bill did a GoFund me, and they talk about that. They also discussed education, the time they 1st meet(see in picture), what they are looking forward to at Fumpfest, and many other things. Their recommends for this show is Zenni Optical!

Pod of Destiny – EP058 – SciFi Vehicle Showdown Spaceships
Apr 7th, 2016 by BlastedBill

At Penguicon 2015, I ran a panel called “The SciFi Vehicle Showdown.” There were three judges, myself, Mikey Mason(of “She Don’t Like Firefly” fame), and my friend Bob. Each judge got one veto, the audience nominated the ships, and by brackets, voted on them. Any ties were resolved by the judges. Listeners of the Flopcast might think this sounds familiar. That’s because it is. I “borrowed” the idea from a panel Kevin was on. Who will win! Find out by listening. The panel was also filmed and can be found here at

Pod of Destiny – EP057 – Our Ride on a Golf Cart
Mar 30th, 2016 by BlastedBill

One of the shortest episodes ever for the Pod at just over 21 minutes! We took a golf cart ride around the farm again the day before Easter 2015. Joining us are new to the podcast guests Mike and Gabriel and veteranen to the podcast Bob.

Pod of Destiny – EP056 – Our Trip to See Scott Pilgrim
Mar 23rd, 2016 by BlastedBill

Blasted Bill, Moonbeam, and Bob went to Scott Pilgrim on March 21 2015th. Listen to them drive there, stand in line, and eat dinner afterwards. Thrilling!

Pod of Destiny – EP055 – Our Building of a Chicken Coop
Mar 1st, 2016 by BlastedBill

This EP was recorded on May 18th 2014. Bill built a chicken coop for Moonbeam’s new chickens with the help of Moonbeam and Bob! Much silliness and failing to math occurred during the 2 and a half(NOT ONE HALF KEVIN!!!) hours of recording.

Pod of Destiny – EP054 – Bill’s Trip to Marscon 2014 Part 2 and Rapport of Destiny EP01
Jun 3rd, 2015 by BlastedBill

Here we have 2 shows in one. Part 2 of Bill’s Trip to Marscon 2014 and Rapport of Destiny EP01. I recorded with Kevin and Kornflake of the Flopcast as well as Doornail and several other dementia folks at Marscon 2014. It wasn’t long enough for a full show. Then just a few weeks ago, Moonbeam went to Chicago and did a recording with Carrie(with her song Alex and husband Josh) joining in. That 2 was not long enough for a full show. So I have combined them into one. Enjoy!

Pod of Destiny – EP053 – Flop of Destiny part 2 (Bill’s Trip to Marscon 2014 part 1)
Mar 22nd, 2015 by BlastedBill

recording1Hey everyone! He’s my version of the Marscon 2014 Saturday night Podcast. A highly edited version of this recording was posted on the Flop Cast already. But this is my full version. Interestingly I decided to edit NOTHING from this. It came in at just under and hour and I loved every second of it. So here you go! In attendance included(but not limited to) Kevin and Kornflake of the Flop Cast, TV’s Kyle, Lindsey Smith, Bob, Ken, Angela, Doornail, Wildcard, Wacky Ben, Insane Ian, Mikey Mason, Shoebox, and Beth Kinderman. We basically talk about Marscon and other silly stuff and wacky stuff happens like a talking blood drop shows up! Enjoy!

Pod of Destiny – EP052 – Bill and Moonbeam talk about Luke Ski
Mar 14th, 2015 by BlastedBill

the_perry_horror_picture_show_by_artbylukeski-d6ynji7Wow! Has it really been well over a year since I put out a new podcast? So very sorry y’all. The episode was recorded December 20th 2013. 2013!?!?!??!?!!!!?!?! Both me and Moonbeam were extremely tired so we couldn’t brain that well. And we talked about Luke Ski. ALOT! Here is a link to the image we talk about.

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