Pod of Destiny – EP006 – Out trip to see Patton Oswalt
Nov 5th, 2009 by admin

After my 3rd computer crash(all hardware, not Windows fault ppl) in as many weeks, I’m finally back up and have EP 6 up. In this EP Moonbeam and I go see Patton Oswalt and are joined by Dan, Lauren, Steve, and Tony(MoNasty). This is actually the shortest EP we’ve done even though it was the EP with the most of recorded material. But that’s because the recordings at the restaurant were TOTALLY stepped on by back ground noise and I couldn’t remove it. I only kept in the important bits. Lots of funny stuff was missed, but you’ll just have to come hand out with us some time to get the full experience. Also, this is the EP were I review Luke and Carrie’s new podcast, the Bad Rapport.

Web sites mentioned on the show and some that should have been.

Moonbeam’s pick of the week..
Bonus pick of the week..

Pod of Destiny – EP005 – Moonbeam’s trip to the Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton concert in Ann Arbor
Oct 27th, 2009 by admin

So as usual, this one is late. Half way through editing, the power went out last week. I tried a few days later and AGAIN the power went out. Finally had time to finish it today. Moonbeam and Dan went to Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coultan while I was at They Might be Giants with some other friends. Also in attendance was…

Tom Smith, Davroz, Jay Kitty, Anne Marie, Brian, Chuck, and Angela.

Random webpage that was plugged…

Web page pics of the week…

Pod of Destiny – Ep004 – Moonbeam’s trip to Wilton Candy Kitchen in Iowa with Megan
Oct 16th, 2009 by admin

Moonbeam and Dan took a trip out to Iowa to visit Moonbeams sister Megan and Megan’s husband Ben their new baby Jingles(the Pumpkin Pope). While out there they took the recorder, and recorded an Episode on the way to and at the famous Wilton Candy Kitchen. They don’t have an offical web site, but here is the best profile I have found on it.

Moonbeams website of the week was…

This episode was VERY late, because my main computer crashed and my laptop won’t edit it. We will have a GLUT of episodes in October because we are recording like mad dogs. I will try to put ep 5 up on Tuesday or Wednesday, and 6 on Friday. We will still have one recorded and unpublished show next Friday though while we record ep8 at the State Theater Rocky. WHEEEEE.

Pod of Destiny – EP003 – Our Trip to Costco
Oct 3rd, 2009 by admin

Blasted Bill and Moonbeam took a trip to Costco this time, because Moonbeam had coupons. I’m very sorry this one is so late, we recorded it last Sunday and I had it largely edited when my power went out and I didn’t have any of the edits saved. So I had to start over. Also, the sound quality on this one is REALLY bad. We were in a lot of different places with different background noises and it was hard to get rid of them. I did my best, but there’s only so much I can do. Here are some links we mentioned in the show and links to places we went to …

Also, I Moonbeam got Boot Al Weird Leg’s drawn up and I scanned it in and did some different things with it. Take a look..

Black and White
In an old west gun fight

Draw your version and send it in!

As hinted on in this show, next week we should have a very special show for you all!!

Pod of Destiny – Ep002 – Our Trip Around the Farm on a Golf Cart
Sep 14th, 2009 by admin

Any hope of a 30 minute pod cast is now completely shattered. We have way to much fun recording and have far to many idea’s for the show. We will try to keep it to about 1 hour. We start off on a golf car, play “polish golf” and they keep recording on the golf cart while Moonbeam tries to throw Dan and me off the cart. Web pages mentions on this cast this week…

Moonbeam’s web site pick of the week –
Moonbeam recommends –

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