Pod of Destiny – EP067 – Our 10th Anniversary
Sep 7th, 2019 by BlastedBill

Episode 001 of the Pod of Destiny was posted on September 7th or 2009. On September 6th 2019 we recorded a new episode in honor of our 10th anniversary. We took a look back at some highlights of the the last 10 years as well as caught up with what is new in lives recently. We also discovered that a NEW podcast going by the Pod of Destiny was discovered.
Moonbeam suggests watching but her recommends for the episode is Oh, Hello On Broadway. She also pointed out Defunctland. And one last one, this amazing Tron ride.
Thanks for 10 years of crazy fun and we certainly hope there will be more.

Pod of Destiny – EP066 – Bill, Kaptn, and Ash Monster see MC Chris
Jul 1st, 2018 by BlastedBill

This episode is dedicated to William “Kaptn” Wilson. He, I, and my girlfriend Ash Monster went to an MC Chris concert back in April and we recorded this episode. He committed suicide on June 26. I had only known him a very short time, but I was looking forward to being friends with him for many years. A memorial fund to the Michigan Association for Suicide Prevention was set up in his name.  Information can be found here.

We saw MC Chris as well as the awesome band Bit Force which opened for him. We also discussed the new Infinity War movie. If you would like to see more of Captn’s podcast visit


Pod of Destiny – EP065 – Blasted Bill’s Weight Loss Panel at Penguicon 2017
Jun 11th, 2018 by BlastedBill

Between October 2015 and May 2017 Bill lost 90 pounds. He did a panel at Penguicon 2017 talking about it and here is that recording.

Pod of Destiny – EP064 – Pod of Flop of Destiny – Fumpfest 2016
May 25th, 2018 by BlastedBill

This episode was recorded in line when Bill, Moonbeam, and Narf Boy went to Fumpfest 2016 then took Kornflake(of the Flopcast) and her boy friend Nick out to see Too Much Light Makes the Baby go Blind. They did a top 3.14 list of favorite things at Fumpfest 2016 and started to do describe the next person’s tee shirt but then the line started going inside. No other recordings were made during the weekend, so this is a very short episode.

Pod of Destiny – EP063 – Tubing on a River
May 19th, 2018 by BlastedBill

This episode was recorded on our way up to a tubing trip in northern Michigan August of 2016. Our friend Brittany was in the Van with us. We reviewed the Bill and Narf Boy 42 year’s old event we called BillCon. We talked about how it was Bill’s 1st time being Tipsy, but not quite drunk. Drunk Bill 1st appeared one day after this recording. We also review the 2016 Ghostbusters movie.


Pod of Destiny – EP062 – Our Private Edition
May 11th, 2018 by BlastedBill

In this private edition(recorded April 8th 2016) of the Pod of Destiny, it’s just Blasted Bill and Moonbeam at Moonbeam’s new house. Bill presents Moonbeam with a “What’s in the Pillow Case”. Moonbeam’s Recommends is Lasagna Cat. Bill’s Recommends is Episode Calendar. Moonbeam reviews TransParent and much much more!

Pod of Destiny – EP061 – Our Trip to Get a Washer and Dryer
Apr 20th, 2018 by BlastedBill

Join Bill, Moonbeam, and Narf as they drive to pick up a washer and dryer. The excitement! Bill recommends the Ridiculous 6

Pod of Destiny – EP060 – Bad Flop of Destiny at Fumpfest 2015
Apr 9th, 2018 by BlastedBill

This is our second Fumpfest 2015 Episode. 1st up we went to Too much light makes the baby go blind on Friday night of Fumpfest with Break Man Z, Megan, and Flopcast’s Kevin and Kornflake! The next day after much Fumping, we sat around talking about TV shows with Luke, Sara, Ian, Mike, Kevin, and Emi. We talked about the release of our second video episode. Then we finally got to find out what Kornflake needed Padlocks and lily pads for as she presented Padlock-a-gami. We then supertaster tested Kevin and Kornflake.

Recommends for this episode is TV Show Tracker and Movie Ghost Graduation.


Pod of Destiny – EP059 – Our Trip to Fumpfest 2015
Aug 3rd, 2017 by BlastedBill

Moobeam and Bill recorded this podcast on their way to Fumpfest 2015. Moonbeam was able to go because Bill did a GoFund me, and they talk about that. They also discussed education, the time they 1st meet(see in picture), what they are looking forward to at Fumpfest, and many other things. Their recommends for this show is Zenni Optical!

Pod of Destiny – EP058 – SciFi Vehicle Showdown Spaceships
Apr 7th, 2016 by BlastedBill

At Penguicon 2015, I ran a panel called “The SciFi Vehicle Showdown.” There were three judges, myself, Mikey Mason(of “She Don’t Like Firefly” fame), and my friend Bob. Each judge got one veto, the audience nominated the ships, and by brackets, voted on them. Any ties were resolved by the judges. Listeners of the Flopcast might think this sounds familiar. That’s because it is. I “borrowed” the idea from a panel Kevin was on. Who will win! Find out by listening. The panel was also filmed and can be found here at

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